Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans

‘But we have to remember, it’s not up to us to change anyone’s lives, unless they ask.’

Babs has been cursed, and sometimes she’s invisible. Teachers and classmates often don’t see her. Iris grew from a seed in the ground and identifies as non-binary.  One day, Iris can see Babs.  Iris and Babs have a lot in common: they are both connected to the magic in the world around them.

This is a beautiful story of acceptance, identity and magic.  Iris wants to help Babs have her curse removed.  And while they are working out how, they meet a boy.  The Boy hasn’t yet worked out who he is and doesn’t initially have his real name.

The three of them work together, exploring a magical world.  Each of them has a parent or parents.  Respectful, kind parents who care.

This is a wonderful YA book: Babs, Iris and The Boy look out for each other.  Especially as Babs is drawn into The Realm, a magical dark place which they’ve been warned to stay away from.  Can Babs find the witch who cursed her, and have the curse removed?  Will The Boy find himself?  Can Iris hang onto their friends?

Ms Evans writes:

‘I want people to know about gender euphoria.  I want them to learn about it before gender dysphoria.  I want young trans kids that will read this book to be proud of who they are, and imagine wonderful magic lives for themselves.’

Me too.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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