Creatively managing anxiety in Coronavirus Lockdown

Like many others, my concentration has suffered as a consequence of Coronavirus. It’s an anxiety thing. And, even though we are doing comparatively well here in Australia, this pandemic still has a long way to run. Sadly.

When I can’t read, I garden, or walk, or sew. Walking has been cut back (but not cut out) for various reasons,and while rain is welcome for the garden, it’s not the time I choose to garden. So I turn to sewing.

I do make other things, apart from bookmarks, but it is the bookmarks I’m returning to today. And I wondered whether any of the Australian readers of this blog might want one? I have four finished, and a few more in various stages of completion.

Is anyone interested? If you are interested, you live in Australia, and you are happy to send me a stamped self addressed envelope, please comment below. I have four that I’m happy to gift, and possibly more (soon).

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