Prey by L.A. Larkin

‘Her line of work can be dangerous.’

Olivia Wolfe is an investigative journalist.  She ‘s renowned for exposing the criminal and the corrupt.  In her line of work, she gets a lot of tips.  Some work out, most do not.  Olivia Wolfe has an interesting past: she has acquired some extremely useful survival skills, and she has several enemies.

Following a tip, she starts looking into the affairs of a British Cabinet Minister.  And then her anonymous source is murdered.  She’s warned off as well, but this just makes Ms Wolfe even more determined to find the truth.  She follows a clue to South Africa.  And becomes one of the hunted.

There are more murders, horrific ritualised murders which, while providing cryptic clues, are also leading Ms Wolfe into danger.  Can she find the truth in South Africa?  Powerful people are involved, people who believe that they able to buy whatever they want, people with absolutely no scruples.

Be warned: this is not for the squeamish.  It’s an intriguing novel full of action with some very interesting characters.  I finished this novel, keen to read ‘Devour’ (the first in the series) and hoping for more to follow.  Olivia Wolfe is a feisty character.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith