Creatively managing anxiety in Coronavirus Lockdown

Like many others, my concentration has suffered as a consequence of Coronavirus. It’s an anxiety thing. And, even though we are doing comparatively well here in Australia, this pandemic still has a long way to run. Sadly.

When I can’t read, I garden, or walk, or sew. Walking has been cut back (but not cut out) for various reasons,and while rain is welcome for the garden, it’s not the time I choose to garden. So I turn to sewing.

I do make other things, apart from bookmarks, but it is the bookmarks I’m returning to today. And I wondered whether any of the Australian readers of this blog might want one? I have four finished, and a few more in various stages of completion.

Is anyone interested? If you are interested, you live in Australia, and you are happy to send me a stamped self addressed envelope, please comment below. I have four that I’m happy to gift, and possibly more (soon).

Fabric bookmarks

Here is a selection of photographs of the fabric bookmarks I’ve been working on. A couple of the finished ones are offcuts from a bag I made and quilted. I’ve included a photograph of the bag as well.

But most of the bookmarks are pieced together from fabric scraps that I just happen to have in my stash. I’ve experimented with different shapes and different stitches and had a lot of fun working out colour combinations.

So this is how I will spend some time over the next few weeks.

Every piece has a story…

I’ve been working on this wallhanging for a while. I bought the sashiko panel nearly nine years ago, but didn’t stitch it until last year.

I then put it to one side while I decided how I wanted to present it. The inner border is a piece of batik from my fabric stash, the outer border is (mostly) some beautiful Japanese fabric I found at the Adaminaby Op Shop late last year. The fabric had already been cut into triangles and prepared for piecing. It’s beautiful fabric, and I decided it would make a perfect border for this geisha. I would never have cut the fabric into triangles, but someone else having done so gave me the freedom to experiment.

It’s not quite finished. I have to handsew the border at the back and finish attaching the hanging sleeve.

The piece measures 23 inches by 34 (approx).

Working on it has kept me busy and out of the smoke surrounding Canberra.

Can you ever have enough bookmarks?

A friend of mine recently said that every book should have its own bookmark.  Now, I have a lot of bookmarks.  Some are quite ordinary cardboard, some I’ve made myself  in cross-stitch, some lovely leather ones and a couple of fabric ones (including a very special piece of lace).  I also have one which was a spare piece of a bag handle I made for a quilted patchwork bag a few years ago.

Which got me thinking.

Like many who dabble in craft, I have a stash of fabric.  My stash also includes small pieces of fabric that I’ve either picked up from op shops or are remnants from other things I’ve made.  Some pieces are probably too small to use in any large project but have  too much potential to be discarded.  I mean, seriously, who discards fabric?  You never know when it might come in useful, right? 🙂

So, I kept thinking.  And one morning, while I was walking it occurred to me that I could make some scrappy fabric bookmarks.  So far I’ve made three (the first three photographs below show them in three stages: piecing, quilted and then finished.

The fourth photograph?  Well, I think I’d like to make some more bookmarks.  After all, you can’t have too many bookmarks can you?  Who knows, maybe other readers would like some as well.

What do you think?



Pussy Hat Project Canberra

I’ve just finished my current small knitting project, and was about to finish my much larger cross stitch project, when I saw an article about The Pussy Hat Project in Canberra.  This project is raising funds for the Domestic Violence Crisis Service in the ACT by offering pussy hats for a $15 donation.

Perfect!  An opportunity to knit hats useful for the Canberra winter (and we still have at least a month of winter left) and to support a very good cause.  If you want more information about the project, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page:

Pussy Hat Project Canberra



And, today I picked up my wool.  Tonight I start knitting.

Any other knitters out there interested?  You don’t have to be Canberra based to contribute.  You’ll find more information on the Pussy Hat Project Canberra Facebook page.