Trust (Martin Scarsden #3) by Chris Hammer

‘I think it’s coming for us.’

Martin Scarsden, journalist and true crime writer, his girlfriend Mandalay (‘Mandy’) Blonde and her son Liam are settling into life at Port Silver (where Martin Scarsden #2 ended). Martin and Liam are on the beach. He picks up his phone: there is a voicemail from Mandy, a single scream. He rushes home. Mandy is missing, a man left unconscious on the floor.

Mandy has been drugged and abducted. Why, and by whom?

The answer rests in Mandy’s past, a past that she has not shared with Martin, a past she thought was far behind her. The answer is in Sydney.

‘Fewer know of its existence, fewer still know of its power.’

This is a fast-moving story which digs into Mandy’s past, into her relationship with a man who apparently stole millions from an investment bank and fled. But when his body is found in the foundations of a building, his involvement in the theft needs to be re-examined. Martin is asked to join his old editor, Max Fuller, in an investigation. But Max is killed, as is Elizabeth Torbett, a supreme court justice. Is it a murder-suicide? Martin wants answers.

Can Mandy trust Martin enough to tell him about the past? Can Martin find out what happened to Max Fuller and Elizabeth Torbett? There is plenty of suspense in this novel especially when Mandy and Martin join forces. Mr Hammer has peopled this novel with a fine mixture of characters: the good, the bad and the ugly. If you enjoy action filled novels, in a series where the main characters continue to develop, then I can recommend this.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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