Back Street Murder: A hard-boiled Irish crime thriller (Ben Miller Investigations Book 2) by Seán Gibbons

‘…this whole mess started right here in my cab.’

November 2009, Galway, Ireland.

Ben Miller is having a quiet coffee at the Bunch pub when Superintendent Máirtín Folan drops in. While telling Miller that his absence was noted at the funeral for his girlfriend Gárda Siobhán O’Grady, Folan reminds him (subtly, of course) that Miller might not have many friends left at the station. And Miller must take care: Folan is corrupt and holds knowledge of Miller’s own criminal past over his head.

Things soon deteriorate for Miller. He picks up a couple of Lithuanian fares and becomes involved in their drug-dealing world. But then drugs go missing from the home of one of the Lithuanians and the Colombians who own the drugs want them returned. At the same time, Superintendent Máirtín Folan sees a business opportunity and there are several corrupt gardai quite happy to help him.

There is plenty of violence in this novel. Ben Miller is caught up in a race against time to try find the missing drugs. And the wife of one of the Lithuanians becomes a complicating factor.

Miller sees an opportunity to escape Folan’s control, but who can he trust?

Life as a taxi driver in Galway can be dangerous, even without corrupt gardai. Ben Miller is an interesting character while Superintendent Máirtín Folan is, well, despicable.


Note: My thanks to NetGalley and Sapere Books for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith