The Crow Eaters: A Journey through South Australia by Ben Stubbs

‘It’s a long walk if you take a short cut.’

I have travelled to South Australia a couple of times, but only ever to Adelaide. And when you travel for work-related purposes, there is not much opportunity for exploration and sightseeing. Reading Mr Stubbs’s book took me far beyond the city limits of Adelaide, into places I know by name or reputation such as Ceduna, Elizabeth, and Maralinga. What I enjoyed most about this book was the journey along the dog fence with one of the men who patrols part of it from the edge of Mabel Creek to Mount Eva. This is remote territory: red gibber plains, rolling scrub and chalky country, and is utterly foreign to me. And yet, as Mr Stubbs describes this part of his journey with Al, I can see that the country has its own austere beauty.

I read about Coober Pedy, Kangaroo Island and the Flinders Ranges and learned a little about the history and some of the people who live there. I am tempted to visit some of these places to see for myself. But whether I visit or I do not, I now appreciate that there is far more to South Australia than the city of Adelaide.

Mr Stubbs has written an interesting and informative guide which I would recommend to anyone interested in South Australia.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith