The Inheritance by Gabriel Bergmoser

‘Maggie sensed danger the moment the man walked through the door.’

So, who is Maggie? She is a young woman who has fled Melbourne for good reason and is trying to stay under the radar in Port Douglas where she works in a bar. A man enters the bar and seems to have something over her boss. Maggie follows him to a warehouse, and with an improvised bomb explodes the warehouse. Maggie didn’t think she’d been seen but she has. And killing the leader of a drug cartel has consequences.

Maggie has skills and secrets, and a past that she’s trying to keep in the background. But she needs to get out of Port Douglas, and when a man from the past enters her life, she agrees to accompany him to Melbourne.

There are several elements to this fast-paced story: crooked policemen, a bikie gang, and the consequences of Maggie’s father Eric’s obsession with a serial killer. The man who convinces Maggie to travel back to Melbourn to claim her inheritance is one of the policemen who worked with her father. Maggie remembers him as a good guy and hopes that part of what her father has left her will provide clues to her missing mother’s whereabouts. Maggie is in danger every step of the way: members of the drug cartel want revenge, some of those from her father’s past want the information Maggie is seeking. Who can she trust?

This is not a book for the squeamish: it is action-packed and full of violence. It is also a sequel, to Gabriel Bergmoser’s ‘The Hunted’ which I have not yet read. While I don’t need to read ‘The Hunted’ to follow the story in ‘The Inheritance’, I will. I am hooked.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith