The Things We See in the Light by Amal Awad

‘The end of every relationship will always make you question the beginning.’

In this story of choices and fresh beginnings, Sahar looks to establish a new life. Sahar married Khaled eight years ago and followed him to Jordan. Life there was not what she expected. Unhappy and haunted by secrets, Sahar returns to Sydney where she has friends. But eight years is a long time. The lives of her friends have changed and Sahar wonders (and worries) about embracing change. She also needs a job.

Sahar takes a job in a local patisserie and, with the help of her manager Maggie and colleagues Kat, Inez, and Luke discovers new possibilities. Has she really escaped the past? And can she find a new life outside the conservative values that shaped her choices in early adulthood? Can Amal overcome the guilt she feels as she tries to find her own path? This is an engrossing journey of self-discovery, of learning that while change involves risks, it is possible. Friends matter, and chocolate helps!

A heart-warming story of challenges, choices, and diversity.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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