Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby

‘There was no turning back.’

Ike Randolph answers the door of his home in Virginia, USA, to two police detectives. It has been fifteen years since he left jail and he’s not done anything wrong since: what do the police want? Ike learns that his son Isiah and his husband Derek have been murdered. Was it because they were an interracial same sex couple?

While Ike has never accepted Isaiah’s sexuality, he is heartbroken by his murder. Derek’s father William (Buddy Lee) Jenkins was ashamed of his son, but he desperately wants to know who killed Derak and Isiah. Ike’s wife Mya looks after Derk and Isiah’s daughter, Arianna. At three, Arianna is too young to understand that her fathers won’t be coming home. And the police do not seem to be making any progress in their investigation.

The two men, one black the other white, join forces to find out who murdered their sons and why. Two deeply flawed men, willing to commit murder if that’s what it takes to get the answers they are seeking.

How many chances does a man get to make the right decision before fate decides he doesn’t deserve another bite at the apple?’

At the beginning, the only thing Ike and Buddy Lee have in common is a granddaughter and a desire to find out who killed their sons. Their responses to events are influenced by their own backgrounds, and experiences. This is a journey through privilege and prejudice: Ike and Buddy Lee learn about themselves while uncovering the truth about the murders of their sons.

Warning: this is an action-packed, violent story, full of twists. I found this a challenging and unforgettable read.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith