The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

‘When I was seven, I found a door.’

Meet the extraordinary January Scaller. In the early 20th century, January lives in Mr Locke’s house as his ward, while her father is absent, searching the globe for rare items to add to Mr Locke’s collection. January’s mother is missing presumed dead, and she doesn’t get to see her father very often. January lives in Mr Locke’s house, but her existence seems peripheral to his world. January is not entirely alone, her friend Samuel gives her a dog (Sindbad, known as Bad) and her father sends Jane Irimu to be her companion. January, with her cedarwood-coloured skin, does not fit completely within Mr Locke’s circle of acquaintances, and she has mixed feelings about him.

And then January finds a strange book. A book that tells of other worlds and secret doors.

‘I walked through it into another world.’

And, if you have not yet read this novel, I do not want to tell you very much more about it for fear of spoiling what is an magical journey of adventure and discovery.

I loved it.

‘Worlds were never meant to be prisons, locked and suffocating and safe.’

Jennifer Cameron-Smith