Lily’s Little Flower Shop by Lisa Darcy

 ‘I’d forgotten how to breathe and observe. I’d forgotten how to sit quietly and just … be.’

Lily’s living in Sydney with her boyfriend Matt. She is in line for a promotion and is looking forward to it. Except … the promotion is awarded to someone else. That same day, Matt is offered a job overseas and assumes that Lily will be happy to accompany him. And Lily’s mum Daisy is certainly pushing her to go.

But Lily wants a change. Impulsively, she decides to resign from her job, to move to coastal New South Wales near her Aunt Iris and establish a flower shop. Lily completed a floristry course years ago, and she used to help her Aunt Iris in the flower shop she once owned. This is a big move for Lily, and one with its own set of challenges. Can Lily find a place in this small close-knit coastal community? Do she and Matt have a future? And importantly, how will Trouble the rabbit settle in?

Lily works hard and she enjoys her work, but she has financial issues as well as a few unresolved personal issues to deal with. She is making friends in Clearwater, but not everyone is friendly. And Matt still wants to be part of her life, which complicates matters when Lily meets Ben, the owner of a local winery. And there’s Andy, a nice man with a few challenges of his own.

I really enjoyed this novel, which I picked up after reading another review. It is light-hearted in places while dealing with some sensitive issues including domestic violence and mental health. There are some lovely characters and one or two villains as well.


Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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