Dark Justice (A Cooper & Quinn Mystery #7) by Catherine Lee

‘Is it really necessary to do this here?’

Meet Sydney Detective Sergeant Bonnie Hunter, from the Sex Crimes Unit. While she has dedicated her career to locking up rapists, there is one offender she is particularly keen to catch. The Baby-Faced Rapist, as he has referred to in the media, is a serial offender who leaves his DNA (but never his fingerprints) at every scene. Hunter has been chasing him for seven years, hampered by the fact that his victims are so terrified of him that they will not talk to the police. If they do, he has threatened to come back.

Detective Sergeant Charlie Cooper and his partner Detective Senior Constable Joe Quinn are called to a murder scene. A woman, raped, murdered, and mutilated. DNA evidence quickly establishes that she is the latest victim of the Baby-Faced Rapist. Bonnie Hunter joins the Homicide Squad headed by Charlie Cooper to try to track down the perpetrator.

But Charlie Cooper is preoccupied.

‘He’d been convinced for years that they had a vigilante out there, taking care of criminals the system had let through the cracks.’

It is not an official case for the Homicide Squad but so far there have been five victims who have either got off a serious crime, looked like getting off or who got off lightly. And Cooper is sure that the evidence points to a professional hit. Who could it be? Can the vigilante be identified and stopped? Can the Baby-Faced Rapist be identified and found before he claims more victims?

A mystery or two and some shocking crimes to solve. This is the seventh and last instalment in the Cooper and Quinn series, and a fitting (if shocking) finale. Highly recommended but best read in order. The character development is an important part of the journey.

And now that I have met her, I am looking forward to the first book in the Detective Bonnie Hunter Mysteries!

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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