Widow’s Island by L.A. Larkin

A new beginning …

After Patrick Miller died, his wife Stephanie and teenaged daughter Amy were devastated. Everywhere they turned, memories of Patrick overwhelmed them. Stephanie, a climate scientist, found a new position and she and Amy moved to remote Whisper Island, Washington State. Stephanie had a friend on the island: her best friend Jen lived there with her husband Mark and baby Zach. Amy was not happy about the move, but Stephanie hoped things would settle and that Amy would make friends at her new school.

But things start to go wrong. Stephanie’s work as a climate-change scientist attracts social media attention. Stephanie becomes the target of an active trolling attack: her work is attacked as is her personal life and then Amy is bullied at school. Stephanie’s house and car are vandalised. Who is behind these attacks, and why? There are only two policemen on Whisper Island, and their limited assistance is further constrained after a murder on the island.

The murder has certain characteristics of a particular serial killer, and the FBI become involved.

There is a lot happening in this novel. Sustained social media attacks by a troll farm on both Stephanie and Amy leading to pressure on Stephanie to withdraw from a Senate Committee hearing. But that does not bring an end to the attacks. The sustained trolling brings out the worst in some and now Stephanie has drawn a killer’s attention.

I could not put the novel down as it built towards its gripping climax.

If you like sustained suspense in a story with multiple twists, then I can recommend this.

Note: My thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith