The Desolation of Devil’s Acre (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #6) by Ransom Riggs

‘I’ve lost my soul, I’m afraid, but I can’t remember how.’

Ah Miss Peregrine, how I will miss you. I almost did not read this final book in the series: books four and five did not really work for me, and I had wished that the series ended with book three. But then I saw book 6, read that it would be the final, and picked it up.

Caul has returned! Peculiardom has never faced so many threats, Caul’s strength is building (and his army is growing). There are now hollows that Jacob Portman cannot control, and all around Devil’s Acre ash and blood and bone desolate the landscape. Can Caul be stopped?

There is a prophecy, and Noor may be able to help if the peculiars can work out the secret location involved. Can they beat the army of hollows who have travelled on the Ruby Princess cruise ship?

Yes, I enjoyed this final book in the series. Epic struggles with more than a touch of magic from the peculiar world. This book is a fitting end to the series (I still do not like books four and five, but I can appreciate what they were setting up for).

Jennifer Cameron-Smith