Later by Stephen King

‘Like I said, this is a horror story…’

Meet Jamie Conklin. He lives with his single mother, Tia, and they are doing okay. Until a series of events brought their world crashing down. And then Tia, who had urged Jamie to keep his unnatural ability secret, decides there may be a benefit. Jamie’s ability? Well, he can see and communicate with the dead, and Tia is not the only person who thinks this might be advantageous.

Welcome to classic Stephen King territory! The story starts out small and gradually moves into more horrific terrain. If you like your terror with a touch of the supernatural, can abide truly evil characters and retain your optimism (more or less) then I recommend this novel.

The last Stephen King I enjoyed this much was ‘The Green Mile’. My mother, who introduced me to Stephen King novels nearly fifty years ago, would have loved this.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith

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