Launceston Municipal Transport 1911-1955 by Ian G Cooper

A snapshot of public transport in Launceston between 1911 and 1955

I confess. I bought a copy of this book because it contains (on page 121) a photograph of my maternal grandfather, C.W. Cameron. He was the motorman on the last official tram service in Launceston on 13 December 1952 and is pictured, with conductor M.R. Harvey. Although the trams were long gone by the time my family moved to Launceston in 1960, some of the tramlines were still in place.

As I flicked though the book, I recognised the trolley buses (which were still in use until 1968). And then I read the book from cover to cover, fascinated by the history of public transport in Launceston during this period and enjoying the glimpse into the past provided by the photographs. There is technical detail of the various trams and buses, photographs of different tickets used, and details of the routes used.

The book also mentions the  Launceston Tramway Museum which is well worth visiting.

Those interested in technical detail will find this book interesting, as will those interested in the history of public transport.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


2 thoughts on “Launceston Municipal Transport 1911-1955 by Ian G Cooper

  1. That’s a nice acknowledgment of your grandfather to have in your family history!
    During the war, my grandfather (who wasn’t a bus driver) drove a bus all through the Blitz in the Blackout which was a difficult and dangerous job, especially in London’s fogs. He was presented with a clock, I think, after the war, and I’d love to have that, or even just a photo of it.

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  2. I was so excited, Lisa, when I first picked up the book (in Launceston, of course) and saw his photograph. He died in 1969, and we were not a family that took a lot of photographs. I wonder if you might be able to locate (somehow) a photograph of the clock presented to your grandfather?


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