Prosperity Gospel: How Scott Morrison Won and Bill Shorten Lost (Quarterly Essay #74) by Erik Jensen

‘What happened?’

It has been a while since Labor lost the last Federal election.  Lost it, or threw it away with poorly explained policies?  Or, in an Australian electoral environment where presidential election style campaigning seems to be the new normal, did Scott Morrison somehow seem a safer pair of hands?

Me, I live in a very safe Labor seat and not a lot of campaigning takes place here.  If I were to return ‘home’ to Tasmania, I would feel much more important.  But I digress.  I expected Labor to win the Federal election, until they ventured into the poorly explained minefield of franking credits. Memo to the Labor party, policy change can be a good thing, but it needs to be clearly articulated.  And the concerns of those it applies to need to be listened to. This is not the only reason Labor lost the election of course.

In this essay, Erik Jensen compared leaders, and relative strengths and weaknesses.  It is ancient history now, but I think that one reason Scott Morrison won was that he projected a confidence that Bill Shorten didn’t.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith