The Law of Innocence (Mickey Haller #6) by Michael Connelly

Well, excuse me while I adopt American spelling, in keeping with the novel 🙂

 ‘It had been a good day for the defense.’

Well, it had been a good day for the defence.  Until defense attorney Mickey Haller was pulled over by the police who found a dead body in the boot of his Lincoln.  A dead body belonging to a former client.  Haller is charged with murder and, with bail set at $5million, Haller is placed in jail.

Of course, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is going to defend himself, even though building a defense case is not easy from a jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Center in Los Angeles.   And it is even harder when, as an officer of the court, Haller is an instant target for other inmates.

Mickey knows he has been framed, but he needs to work out by whom and why.  He has a good team by his side, including his half-brother retired Detective Harry Bosch, but the clock is ticking.

There are plenty of twists in this novel: a prosecutor determined to convict Haller, and the dead former client who owed Haller money also had connections to a criminal mob.  People who might be able to help are silenced.  Can Mickey Haller prove his innocence?  How?

I enjoyed this.  A couple of twists seemed improbable, but that just serves to increase the tension.


Jennifer Cameron-Smith