Malice in Miami (Jamie Quinn Mystery #6) by Barbara Venkataraman

‘They say no knowledge is ever wasted.  I say some knowledge can get you killed.’

Life is looking good for Jamie Quinn.  Her boyfriend Kip is (finally) back from Australia, her dad has his visa to stay in the USA and she is winding down her family law practice to start her new (dream) job with an art foundation.  Jamie has just a few cases to finalise first.

But wait, this is Florida and Jamie’s life is never straightforward.  Her dad is struggling to settle into life in the USA, Kip has a new job – with one long term benefit but a few short-term (and some dangerous obstacles).  And when is he going to propose?  Meantime, Jamie agrees to help a fellow lawyer with another case which has some very disturbing consequences.  P.I. Duke Broussard has a creative solution to one problem but is looks like it might cost Jamie her dream job.  Can she snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

‘What a year this week had been, and it was only Wednesday.’

I have been reading the Jamie Quinn mysteries since the beginning, and they have grown on me.  This is the sixth instalment, and it was great to catch up with Duke Broussard (doesn’t his life take a surprising twist?) and the rest of Jamie’s team. There is a lot happening in this novel: a few unexpected twists, plenty of humour and watch out for the pythons!

Thank you, Ms Venkataraman.  I do hope that there are more Jamie Quinn mysteries in my future.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith