The Secret Life of Books: Why They Mean More Than Words by Tom Mole

‘For readers, books are familiar objects.’

Indeed, they are.  I write this in a room surrounded by books.  Many of my earliest memories are about books: as possessions, as paths to escape, and routes to knowledge.  Some books are mere acquaintances while others become lifelong friends.

But, as Mr Mole writes, books are not static.  Their form has changed, and function often evolves through a lifetime.  

I enjoyed reading about the history of books, about the different forms they take.  I thought about the joy I have when I pick up a new book, about that moment when the book itself is just a potential adventure or experience.  What will happen once I open the cover?

I have physical books and electronic books.  The electronic books are great travelling companions, while the physical books are much more comfortable friends.  I have some old books that belonged to my grandmother over a hundred years ago, and multiple copies of a few very special books. 

This book contains both memories and promises. 

Jennifer Cameron-Smith