The Disorderly Knights (The Lymond Chronicles #3) by Dorothy Dunnett

‘On the day that his grannie was killed by the English, Sir William Scott the Younger of Buccleuch was at Melrose Abbey, marrying his aunt.’

From border skirmishes in Scotland in 1548, to Malta in 1551 and back to Scotland in 1552, be prepared for a complex, involved and exciting journey!

In the summer of 1551, Francis Crawford of Lymond is in Malta.  Here the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta should be preparing to defend the island from an invading Turkish fleet.  But, under weak leadership, the Knights are divided.  Lymond meets Graham Reid Malett, known as Gabriel, Knight Grand Cross of the Order.  A man famed for his leadership, courage, and saintliness.  A man who wants more from Lymond than he is prepared to give, a man who seems to have an agenda of his own.  Gabriel has a sister, Joleta, who also has a role to play in Gabriel’s scheme.

Welcome to Lymond’s world.  Where intrigue and politics dominate, where different factions compete, and where people often become pawns in a cruel and brutal game.  Lymond knows that there is more to Gabriel and his sister than most others see, but he needs time to collect the evidence required to prove it.  And in the meantime, his own men are torn.

This is the third book in The Lymond Chronicles and finishes with a cliff-hanger.  Naturally.

I am rereading The Lymond Chronicles for at least the third time.  I can read more slowly now because, knowing the structure of the series, I can stop to appreciate the details.  These are detailed novels with complex plots and should be read in order.

If you enjoy beautifully written, energetic historical fiction and you have not yet read this series, then I can strongly recommend it.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith