Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

‘For any survivor, memories haunt.’

If you have wondered how predators like Harvey Weinstein can get away with serial abuse for so long, then read this book.  In 2017, an investigation led Ronan Farrow into a story which has exposed corruption, cover-up, and sickening behaviour.  It has introduced us to people courageous enough to tell their stories and has led to the global #MeToo movement.

Mr Farrow persisted with his investigation in the face of intimidation.  Plenty of people wanted to keep the truth hidden, and money (so often) talks. There were the predators, and those who enabled them by ignoring what was happening.  Stories were bought and buried:

‘It was an old term in the tabloid industry: ‘catch and kill’.’

As I read, I felt sickened, both by the actions of the predators and those who protected them.  As I read, I felt saddened for those who were abused and were rendered powerless.  As I read, I felt grateful to Mr Farrow for his courage and persistence in uncovering this evil. 

And when I finished reading, I wept.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith