Over My Dead Body by Dave Warner

‘Do you remember anything?’

Dr Georgette Watson is a cryogenicist.  She can bring frozen hamsters back to life and she wants to see whether her technique can work on humans. To do that, she needs a body.

In New York City, people are being murdered.  Is there a pattern to these murders?  Dr Watson, who works with the NYPD to establish time of death in some cases, suddenly finds herself in the company of the world’s greatest detective: Sherlock Holmes.   (How will become clear when you read the novel.) Together, with some help from others including Georgette’s sister Simone and father Harry, they make a formidable team.  But in addition to solving crime, Holmes also must adjust to life in the twenty-first century.  And very few people know who he really is.

Mr Warner demonstrates that anything is possible in fiction, at least for a while.  This twenty-first century pairing of Holmes and Watson kept me turning the pages, wanting to see how it would end. Would they identify the killer?  Will Georgette obtain the funding she needs to continue her research?  Can Georgette find an answer to a problem which is threatening her hamsters? Read on to find out.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


#Aussie Author

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