Top End Girl by Miranda Tapsell

I cannot remember who first drew my attention to this book, but I am grateful to them. What a delightful read this was, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to read about an inspiring young Australian Indigenous woman.

‘I love what I do and the life I am living.’

In this energetic and engaging memoir, Miranda Tapsell writes of her childhood, her family, her time at NIDA and her work on the stage, on television and on film.  Miranda Tapsell is an Indigenous woman from the Northern Territory who has worked hard to succeed as a creative.  She writes about the challenges she faced as an Indigenous woman from a remote part of Australia looking for Indigenous role models in acting.  She writes about challenges; about her family’s support and the friends she has made.

I found this a heart-warming read because Ms Tapsell’s enthusiasm is infectious.  But there are serious issues addressed here as well as Ms Tapsell writes about making ‘Top End Wedding’, about reconnecting to family and culture.  There is a reminder too, about what is being lost, especially in terms of Indigenous languages.

Miranda Tapsell was born in Darwin in 1987, and her people are the Larrakia.  She grew up in Kakadu.  I’d recommend her book to anyone who wants, simply, to be inspired.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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