World of Trouble (The Last Policeman #3) by Ben H. Winters

‘Are you here about the dust?’

In just fourteen days, a deadly asteroid will hit earth.  America has fallen into chaos: people have barricaded themselves into whatever shelter they can find.  Cash is worthless, bottled water is gold. Henry Palace may no longer formally be a police officer, but he hasn’t given up investigating.  He wants to find his sister Nico.

‘It was not the impending end of the world that drove a wedge between my sister and me, it was our diverging responses to the end of the world ,a bedrock disagreement regarding the basic reality of what is happening – i.e., whether it is happening or isn’t.’

Nico was last seen with a group that was armed with both firearms and a plan to save humanity.  Apparently. Henry travels from Massachusetts to Ohio where, at an abandoned police station, he finds signs that Nico had been there.  He also finds evidence of murder.  Will he find Nico?

‘Nothing we ever did mattered one way or another.’

This is a fitting conclusion to the ‘Last Policeman’ trilogy.  I kept reading, looking for answers and explanations.  I kept reading, wondering how I would spend my last days, knowing that the world was about to end.  I kept reading.

‘Almost always, things are exactly as they appear.’

Jennifer Cameron-Smith