Darkness for Light (Caleb Zelic #3) by Emma Viskic

‘Make good decisions.’

Private Investigator Caleb Zelic can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  He is in therapy, he’s tentatively reconciled with his wife Kat, and he’s connecting with friends in the deaf community.  He is working hard at making good decisions.  Caleb is deaf and relies heavily on lip-reading to understand speech.

But it is all about to go horribly wrong for him.  Again.

A severely injured person, a violent confrontation, a kidnapped child.  Caleb’s ex-partner Frankie begs him for help.  But just who can Caleb trust?  The police are giving him mixed messages. Can Frankie and Caleb save the child?

At the same time, his friend Alberto is in trouble.  Alberto’s café, which employs other deaf people, is being targeted.  Who wants to destroy his business, and why?  Can Caleb help?

Two different crimes, and Kat might not be safe either.

Wow!  This is the first Caleb Zelic novel I have read, and now I want to read the first two.  This novel has several strands and a few twists (including one I really wasn’t expecting towards the end).

Highly recommended.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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