Deadman’s Track by Sarah Barrie

‘I’m sorry I got you into this!’

A tragic accident on Federation Peak has undermined the confidence of Tess Atherton, a Tasmanian wilderness guide and Search and Rescue team member.  She’s also becoming increasingly unsettled by the possessive behaviour of her boyfriend Aaron Jackson, also a Search and Rescue volunteer and tour company owner.

In Hobart, Detective Senior Sergeant Jared Denham and his team are investigating a series of robberies.  And then there’s a robbery from a yacht in a marina in which two people are killed. 

 And twenty-two-year-old Jai Wharton is trying to juggle his responsibilities for caring for his grandfather, suffering from dementia, with his job in ‘Tank’ Finlay’s profitable Hobart pawnshop.  Tank’s daughter, Riley, is Jai’s girlfriend. There’s another employee in Tank’s pawnshop: a guy called Pax who ‘… had walked in a month ago, handed Tank a letter and been given a job.’

Tess reluctantly agrees to guide a group of young hikers, including Jai and Riley, in the belief that they’ll be safer out of Hobart while Jared and his team investigate crimes that seem to have some connection to Tank’s shop.

But once out in the wilderness, Tess and her group are in danger.  But who from?  And why?

To write more about the story might introduce spoilers which could diminish the suspense.  Suffice to say, the three different strands of the story are drawn together by the end.  There are elements of romance and thriller in this story, and the setting is perfect.

Note: My thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Australia, HQ Fiction for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes. 

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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