White Dog (Jack Irish #4) by Peter Temple

‘You’ve got to look after yourself.’

In this, the fourth (and now last) Jack Irish novel, Jack is assisting his former partner and now associate Andrew Greer as he prepares to defend Sarah Longmore from a charge of murder.  His sometime girlfriend Linda Hillier has headed overseas for work. 

Sarah Longmore has been charged with the murder of Mickey Franklin, her ex-boyfriend. Mickey, shot with his own gun, was involved in some questionable activities in the building industry.  Is Sarah Longmore innocent?

What follows is a complicated story as Jack follows clues while dealing with the many other aspects of his busy life.  And Jack himself is at risk, naturally.

While this is the final complete Jack Irish novel, it is the first I have read.  My appetite for Jack Irish was whetted by reading the significant fragment (89 pages) of ‘High Art’ (an unfinished Jack Irish novel) which appeared in ‘The Red Hand’ (published in 2019, after Peter Temple’s death in 2018).  I was intrigued (and, no, I’ve not watched the television series).

I’ve read a few of Mr Temple’s novels.  I have enjoyed the clever and usually complex plots, together with the observational wit.  I enjoyed this novel as well.  While it’s not in the same class as ‘The Broken Shore’ and ‘Truth’, it has a quintessential Australian flavour. 

Now I just need to track down copies of the first three novels.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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