Where the Truth Lies by Karina Kilmore

‘That’s what journos are supposed to do.’

Melbourne, Victoria.  Chrissie O’Brian has landed a senior job with The Argus, but her boss is not happy.  Chrissie has been parachuted into the job at a time when The Argus is having to let staff go.

There’s tension on the waterfront between the unions and business. And, when Chrissie is asked to write a short piece about a female crane operator at the Melbourne waterfront, she sees an opportunity to get her career back on track.  But Chrissie has some demons of her own to fight.

There’s plenty of action in this crime thriller. There are a series of mysterious accidents and deaths on the waterfront, and both management and the union have positions to maintain.  Chrissie herself is fighting both personal and professional battles.  Can her investigative skills save her?  Chrissie is determined to find the truth, but the past threatens to overwhelm her.

I picked up this novel and couldn’t put it down.  For much of the book, I was trying to work out who was doing what (and why).  


Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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