Long Way Home by Nicola Marsh

‘This was categorically the best day of Ruby Aston’s life.’

And then it wasn’t.  Eleven years ago, Ruby left Brockenridge for the city.  She never wanted to return, but then her mother Clara suddenly died.  Ruby plans a quick visit, and then she’ll return to the city.  Except that things don’t work out that way.

Connor Delaney, ditched by Ruby eleven years earlier, has also returned to Brockenridge.  His family is wealthy, with business interests in development.  There’s a new development being considered for Brockenridge, and it will bring Connor into contact (and conflict) with Ruby.

Ruby’s mum, Clara, ran the local roadhouse.  The employees, Harry, Alisha and Tash are like family to Ruby.  When she discovers that her mother owned the roadhouse (instead of just managing it), Ruby has some big decisions to make.

There’s more than one romance in this novel, and a few issues from the past. 

I enjoyed this rural romance more than I expected to.  There are some interesting characters in the story and while it was largely predictable, there was enough happening to hold my interest.  I understand that this is the first in a series, and I’ll be looking out for the second. A good escapist read.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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