Ten Bookish Things to do while self-isolated at home

Here are some wonderful bookish suggestions!

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The Reader by Fragonard (Wikipedia*)

First of all, remember this: you are not alone.  You may be by yourself, but you do not have to be lonely.  There is a vast army of readers out there who love books and will happily chat about them and anything even remotely bookish.  If you’re not already part of the virtual bookish community, you can find people via social media, especially via Book Blogs and at Good Reads or Library Thing where you can search groups who share your tastes.  (There are also sites at Instagram but I don’t play in that sandpit).

And if you are here reading this, then you’re already on your way… say hello in comments below!

Here are ten suggestions that will keep you busy if you have to stay home for 14 days.

1. Join a reading group.  There are thousands of them.  You can find them…

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