Perhaps a Little Madness by C. J. Martin

‘Death, Julia thought dismally, is supposed to be an ending.’

After Philip Andris died, his widow Alexa and three daughters Helen, Julia and Kit must move out of their comfortable home, away from their comfortable lifestyle and into an uncertain future.  Philip Andris’s wealth reverts to his stepson Aiden, the son of his first wife.  The Andris women will leave leafy Wahroonga in Sydney behind, for a more rural life near Cessnock.

‘We’re not all destined to be happy, are we?’

Helen and Julia will continue their university studies, Kit will move schools. Each sister needs to adjust. And along the way, both Helen and Julia will fall in love.

I really enjoyed this novel:  Ms Martin’s twenty-first century interpretation of Jane Austen’s ‘Sense and Sensibility’, set in Australia.  Cleverly done, beautifully written, I kept reading because I really needed to know how it would end.  And, gentle reader, I was not disappointed.  Ms Martin has given us several memorable characters, some challenging situations and some beautiful descriptions.

Highly recommended.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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