Life According to Literature


I’ve been led to this fun meme by Brona’s BooksANZ LitLovers LitBlog  , and  Theresa Smith Writes   and thought I might give this meme a go. Links go to my reviews.

THE RULES: Using only books you have read during the year (2019), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. Let me know below, if you’ve joined in too.

I had to go to a couple of second choices, as my ideal answers were also ideal answers for other participants.

Have fun!

Describe yourselfThe Mother-in-Law, by Sally Hepworth

How do you feelThe Art of Growing Up, by John Marsden

Describe where you currently liveIn a Great Southern Land, by Mary-Anne O’Connor

If you could go anywhere, where would you goIn Tasmania, by Nicholas Shakespeare

Your favourite form of transportationA Dance With Dragons, by GRR Martin

Your best friend isThe Girl With All The Gifts, by M.R. Carey

You and your friends areYou Daughters of Freedom, byClare Wright

What’s the weather likeForce of Nature, by Jane Harper

You fearLapse, by Sarah Thornton

What is the best advice you have to giveTruth, by Peter Temple

Thought for the dayA Creed for the Third Millennium, by Colleen McCullough

How would I like to dieThere Was Still Love, by Favel Parrett

My soul’s present conditionThis Taste for Silence, by Amanda O’Callaghan