Return to Paradise Island by Trish Ollman

‘Once on the Island, guests are handed the keys to their chalets …’

If you’ve read and enjoyed ‘Escape to Paradise Island’, you will no doubt have been breathlessly awaiting the sequel.  The blurb has promised a ‘thrilling sequel’ in which you are ‘once again transported back to a place where you can fulfil your imagination!’

This sequel is quite different from its predecessor.  Ms Ollman has upped the ante by introducing bad weather, some new characters, and different challenges.  And no, I am not going to spoil this dramatic story for you.  You’ll need to discover the romance, tragedy and heartbreak for yourself.  Some of you may be delighted (as I was) by one particular twist, some of you may well be puzzled (as I was) by others.

‘… as Gay as a ten-bob note …’

But, irregardless of any puzzlement you may experience, enjoy the fact that in Ms Ollman’s novels, romance is not solely the province of young people. Oh, and the ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’ can be both a beginning, and an end.  The Epilogues (set 12 months later) won’t tell you everything but will tie up most of the important loose ends.

Goodbye Paradise Island: I hope that the weather improves!

Jennifer Cameron-Smith