Pincher Martin by William Golding

I’d had a copy of this book on my Kindle for a couple of years, but only got around to reading it last week.  A good friend made a comment about the book which intrigued me.

I agree with him: ‘it’s genius’.  it’s also going to be a very difficult book to write a review for, as any discussion of the story could ruin it for a new reader.  I’m thinking about how to approach that.

In the meantime, have you read ‘Pincher Martin’? If you have, what did you think about it?  I have a couple of other books by William Golding to read, and I may re-read ‘Lord of the Flies’.  I read ‘Lord of the Flies’ at high school in (from memory) 1971.  A combination of my impressionable age and Golding’s imagery has meant that the book made a huge impression on me.  I know other readers who hate ‘Lord of the Flies’ but so much of the world described made sense to me, in the circumstances.

If you’ve read ‘Lord of the Flies’, what did you think of it?