Adaminaby, NSW. 7/1/2018

So, I set off early this morning to try to avoid the heat. I was hoping, as well, to be accompanied by fewer bushflies.

All good, until about 7 am,  when the bushflies, stimulated into action by heat, decided to join me.  By then I was committed, so I kept going.  Aside from the pesky flies, it’s lovely walking along the Yaouk Road.  Plenty of cows to see, some sheep, three horses.  Plenty of birds as well, although I see fewer of them.  There’s the caw of the crows and the laughing of the kookaburras to listen to. There are a number of flowering gums to admire, and an abundance of clear blue sky.
Today’s photographs are of horizons and cows. Here, in the lucky country!