Dombrovskis: Journeys into the Wild

Today my husband and I went to the National Library of Australia specifically to see the Peter Dombrovskis Exhibition

Peter Dombrovskis (2 March 1945 – 28 March 1996) was an Australian photographer, best known for his Tasmanian scenes. Peter Dombrovskis was born, to Latvian parents, in a refugee camp in Germany.  He and his mother migrated to Australia in 1950, and settled in Fern Tree, a suburb of Hobart, situated below  kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

Peter Dombrovskis, who was a protégé of renowned wildlife photographer and activist Olegas Truchanas (1923-1972), took photographs of the Tasmanian wilderness.  Those photographs were used in Mr Dombrovskis’s annual calendars as well as in calendars produced by the Tasmanian Wilderness Society.  While I don’t have any of these calendars, sadly, I do have a number of postcards featuring his work.

The photographs provide a window into remote and relatively inaccessible parts of Tasmania.  I particularly love the photographs of reflections in the remote lakes, as well as images of the Painted Cliffs (Maria Island).  But Peter Dombroskis’s most famous photograph is undoubtedly:

Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River  

(The link is to an article in Wikipedia about the Franklin River Dam controversy.  A copy of the photograph appears in the article).

The National Library of Australia has over 3,000 Dombrovskis transparencies and has printed 70 of them for this special exhibition.

We also took the opportunity to visit the Treasures Gallery to see the remarkable Blaeu Map

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