Wolf by Mo Hayder

I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for a while, but I’d not got around to reading it.  You know how it is: there are always more books to read than any reading human can possibly find time for.  But last time I was at Adaminaby (when it snowed and rained and was generally cold), I picked this book up.  I can’t believe that I’ve not read more of Mo Hayder’s novels.  But I will now.

Wolf by Mo Hayder

‘Amy is five years old and in all of those five years she’s never seen Mummy acting like this before.’

Amy finds a small dog wandering alone, and in the time that she is out of her parents’ sight, they panic.  A vagrant comes to Amy’s aid, and takes the small dog away.  The dog has a note with the words ‘Help Us’ but no other details.

Just ten miles away, in their remote home known as the Turrets, three members of the Anchor-Ferrers family are fighting for their lives.  Two men have convinced the Anchor-Ferrers to let them into their home, and are now holding the family against their will.  But what do the two men want?

The vagrant who has the small dog (named Bear) is sure that someone is in trouble.  He involves Detective Inspector Jack Caffery, by promising him some information.  Jack Caffery is reluctant, but cannot forgo an opportunity to hopefully obtain more information about the childhood abduction of his brother so many years ago.

So begins a race against time.  The story moves between the increasingly tense (and bizarre) happenings at the Turrets, and Jack Caffery’s race against time to find out who the dog belongs to, and who needs help.

There are more than a few twists and turns in this novel, and an ending that I really didn’t anticipate. I can’t believe that this is my first Mo Hayder novel.  While it’s possible to read and enjoy this novel as a standalone, I believe that this is the seventh book in a series to feature Jack Caffery.  I’m intrigued enough to read the others to find out more about Jack Caffery.

An excellent rainy day (or two) read!

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


Confession time: I don’t like second hand books

I love secondhand books, what about you?

I love secondhand books. One of my aunts had a secondhand bookshop when I was young, and I was allowed to borrow books (and comics) provided I returned them in the same condition. Sometimes, I’d buy one. But for me it was a treasure house: I could only borrow so many books from the library and my parents couldn’t afford to buy as many books as I wanted to read each week.
Fast forward forty years. I still enjoy browsing through secondhand bookshops, finding books that were once friends or favoured acquaintances, and sometimes buying them. It’s special to find books that were friends and are now long out of print.

Source: Confession time: I don’t like second hand books