Winning Horsemanship by Joanne Verikios

I enjoyed reading this book, and I acquired some new knowledge along the way.  If you are a horse lover, you will probably enjoy this book even more than I did.

Winning Horsemanship by Joanne Verikios

‘A horse is beautiful, tactile, powerful.’

In this book, Joanne Verikios draws on her considerable experience with horses (as an owner, breeder, rider and judge) to offer advice to other horse lovers:

‘This book is for horses as much as for horse lovers.   Horses don’t read books, so they rely on us for their health, happiness and sanity.  They rely on us not to misuse the power we have over their lives.  Building a better relationship with your horse will enhance your likelihood of success in every aspect of your life, and that is exciting.’

Yes, the advice Ms Verikios offers for becoming an expert horseman (or horsewoman) is relevant to other areas of life.  Self-awareness is important to success, whether you are simply trying to improve the way you do things on your own or the way you work with others.  Being aware of the needs of others (whether those others are people or horses) is also critical to success. And success is exciting!

Ms Verikios’s knowledge of and passion for working with horses, combined with common-sense and delivered to the reader via effective writing, makes this an easy book to read.  I’m not a horse person, but I enjoyed reading about Ms Verikios’s experiences, about the steps involved in preparing for success.  Regardless of how serious you are about horses: whether you are looking to learn more about improving your horsemanship, or perhaps just looking to better understand your horse, this book will help.  Ms Verikios mentions some of the pitfalls to avoid, as well as simple ways to influence your horse’s behaviour.  And, if you are simply interested in observing and learning from different paths to success, this book is well worth reading.

Note: my thanks to Ms Verikios for providing me with a free electronic copy of her book for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith