Ceridwen of Kilton by Octavia Randolph

Book Two in this series.  I have Book 3, but sadly  I won’t be able to make time to read it for a few weeks.

Ceridwen of Kilton by Octavia Randolph

‘There is power in words, and power is the root of fear; and I have cause to fear for what I am about to tell.’

This is the second book in the Circle of Ceridwen series, and picks up Ceridwen’s story where the first book ended.  Ceridwen lives at Kilton with her husband Gyric and his family (you need to read the books in sequence to fully appreciate the story).  The Vikings have continued their onslaught on Anglo-Saxon Britain, but not all battles have gone their way.  Ceridwen’s friend, Ælfwyn, travels to Kilton, bringing with her elements of Ceridwen’s past.

But Ceridwen’s past is a relatively small part of this tale.  There are tensions between her husband Gyric and his brother Godwin, and Ceridwen finds herself at the centre.  Gyric himself seems unable to come to terms with his blindness, made especially difficult as the threat from the Vikings continues to grow.

There are a few different elements to this story and while I found a couple of aspects difficult to accept (no spoilers here), I enjoyed the story enough to immediately purchase the third book.  Ms Randolph brings Ceridwen to life in a way which has me wanting to read more about her life, the times in which she lived and the choices she made.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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