Pussy Hat Project Canberra

I’ve just finished my current small knitting project, and was about to finish my much larger cross stitch project, when I saw an article about The Pussy Hat Project in Canberra.  This project is raising funds for the Domestic Violence Crisis Service in the ACT by offering pussy hats for a $15 donation.

Perfect!  An opportunity to knit hats useful for the Canberra winter (and we still have at least a month of winter left) and to support a very good cause.  If you want more information about the project, I’ve included a link to their Facebook page:

Pussy Hat Project Canberra



And, today I picked up my wool.  Tonight I start knitting.

Any other knitters out there interested?  You don’t have to be Canberra based to contribute.  You’ll find more information on the Pussy Hat Project Canberra Facebook page.