Eclipse by Hilary Norman

Eclipse by Hilary Norman

‘The room was filled with dead things.’

Detective Sam Becket of the Miami Beach Violent Crimes Unit is one of the police involved in the search for a serial killer. The killer, nicknamed ‘Black Hole’ has just murdered their fourth victim. In every case, the victim is a woman and she’s been sedated before her eyes are shot out. Sam is also involved in an amateur production of ‘Carmen’. Becket’s wife Grace (a psychologist) has travelled to Zurich to attend a conference where she befriends a rather obsessed young man after saving his life.

Sam’s stepmother, Mildred, is preparing for cataract surgery: something she is terrified of. There’s a lot happening on the pages of this book, and some of it served to distract me while I tried to make sense of it. As far as filling in a couple of hours, this novel was perfect escapism. There was quite a lot of tension across the various subplots but, with one exception, I found the ending disappointing. In short, by the end, the red herrings had started to smell.

This is the sixth book in a series, and while I’ve not yet read the first five, I was keen to read another book (my second, after ‘No Escape’) by this author. I’m interested enough to read at least one more of Ms Norman’s novels, but I’m not rushing to do so.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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