The Lie of the Tiger by John Martin

Sometimes, a little light humour and mystery is absolutely the best reading material.  Especially if it is set in my home state of Tasmania.

The Lie of the Tiger by John Martin

‘The huge Irishman wound down his window and squinted.’
Welcome back to Windy Mountain, back to the Tasmanian Tiger Museum (established in ‘Do Tasmanian Tigers Eat Apples’, and now seriously in need of repair. Paddy O’Brian is to be the new manager. But, before he even reopens the museum, he’s told that he has two weeks to make it work, and that he’ll have to raise the entrance fee to nineteen dollars. Otherwise, the building will be demolished and replaced with a dozen wind turbines.
Is this possible? Even in idiosyncratic Windy Mountain where only mayors and former mayors are allowed to own dogs? Hmm.

‘This was one of the problems with getting old. You had no choice but to mix with whoever was still alive.’

Enter Wish-Wash and Oodles (you really need to read ‘Do Tasmanian Tigers Eat Apples’ to fully appreciate their rich history). Wish-Wash and Oodles have some problems of their own to be getting on with, but they are fairly sure they can help Paddy O’Brian. All they need to do, really, is find something that none of the other Tasmanian Tiger Museums have to give the Windy Mountain museum an edge. Say, a real Tasmanian Tiger. Never mind that that Tasmanian Tiger has been declared extinct: Wish-Wash and Oodles have a cunning plan.

Thus begins a funny tale, with more than a few twists, with more than a few laugh-out-loud moments as well. Is anyone in this town who they pretend to be? There are secrets and hidden agendas to be uncovered, as well as a couple of mysteries to be explained.

Read it, laugh and then, like me, wait for the next instalment! I do hope that Mr Martin can write quickly.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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