Jeopardy in July by Barbara Venkataraman

Jeopardy in July by Barbara Venkataraman

‘What brings you here, Miss Jamie Quinn, is someone getting a divorce?  Since when do lawyers make house calls?’

La Vida Boca is an upmarket assisted living facility in Boca Raton, Florida.  It has a good reputation, good staff and great medical care.  So, even though the seniors seem to be dying at an increased rate, none of the deaths are considered suspicious.  Seniors do eventually die, don’t they?  None of us will live forever.   But surely it can’t just be coincidence when members of the poker club start dying.

Enter our favourite attorney, Jamie Quinn.  Jamie’s looking to expand her legal horizons beyond divorces.  She’s got a case of art fraud which Duke Broussard is helping her look into, and she’s helping the residents at La Vida Boca with advice on wills.  So, naturally, she’s perfectly placed to help out when there’s a thought that the increased number of deaths just might be suspicious.

Once again Ms Venkataraman delivers an action-packed, humorous mystery featuring Jamie Quinn and a number of characters whom we’ve met in the first four Jamie Quinn books.  Jamie’s personal life remains interesting(!), but she’s going to have to be careful.  Someone is trying very hard to keep a crime concealed, and is quite prepared to kill to do so.

‘With the ringer turned off, my phone was like Schrodinger’s hypothetical cat, neither dead nor alive until someone bothered to check it.’

If you’ve not previously met Jamie Quinn, I strongly advise starting with the first book.   Jamie and her friends are a big part of each book.  And now I will wait, patiently, for the sixth instalment.  There has to be one, right, Ms Venkataraman?

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


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