Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

I don’t remember which of my friends suggested that I read Liane Moriarty’s novels. Thank you, if you read this.  Shortly after the  suggestion, I bought four of the novels and gradually acquired the others.  I decided to read them in order and, naturally, the first novel was the last one I had access to.  Naturally.

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

‘It happens sometimes that you accidentally star in a little public performance of your very own comedy, tragedy or melodrama.’

Meet the Kettle triplets: Lyn, Cat and Gemma.  They are celebrating their thirty-third birthday with a meal in a restaurant.  The birthday celebration comes at the end of a very interesting twelve months for each of the sisters, as we are about to learn.

Lyn appears to be the organised one: juggling a successful business, marriage and parenting.  Cat is keen to have a child, while Gemma wants a lasting relationship but is afraid of commitment.  Is Lyn really as successful as she appears?   Why is it that none of Gemma’s relationships have lasted beyond six months?  And Cat’s marriage?  Just how solid is it?

Each of the sisters has faced challenges during the twelve months before their birthday.  One of those challenges involves their divorced parents dating each other.  How did *that* happen?  And while the sisters are close, being a triplet isn’t always fun.  There’s a degree of sibling rivalry, and completely different interpretations of shared events.

This is Liane Moriarty’s first novel, and the first one I have read.  I enjoyed it more than I expected to: contemporary novels about young women don’t always appeal.  Ms Moriarty keeps the story moving with quite a few twists, and I enjoyed the short vignettes by people who had observed the triplets at different stages in their lives.  The characters are generally well-developed, and the dialogue fits perfectly.  I enjoyed the twists in the tale: they kept me guessing when I thought I’d worked it all out.  It’s a light, entertaining read: I’ve now read her second novel, and have the others all lined up.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith


Belconnen, ACT. 26/3/2017

For my walk this morning I chose to walk down to Lake Ginninderra, through the Belconnen Town Centre and back home along Belconnen Way.

It was a beautiful morning for walking.  The sky was clear of clouds for the first time for some days and there was no wind.  I took a photograph of the Belconnen Owl,  one of my favourite pieces of public art.