Canberra, Friday, 13 January 2017

On Friday afternoon in Canberra, we had a sudden sharp wind storm.  It didn’t last long (less than ten minutes from memory) but it caused a lot of damage.   As I type this, almost 48 hours later, there are still some households (about 500) without power.  This is a huge improvement on the over 13,000 households without power on Friday afternoon (thanks to the crews who’ve worked so hard and so long to restore power).

I feel very sorry for those 500 households.

The first photograph shows the scene just a few  houses down the street from my home.  The tree top is still there: it’s going to take the crews a while to get to these types of jobs.  The second photograph is about a kilometre from my home: the tree had fallen across the street but has been removed to allow traffic through.  And the third photograph  is in the next suburb.

I took a number of photographs as I walked around the streets during my morning walks yesterday and today.  I saw some damaged  homes, some damaged cars and  plenty of broken and damaged trees.  Other parts of Canberra were badly affected as well.  Fortunately, as far  as I know, no-one was injured.

It’s going  to take a while to clean it all up.

Tree branch in the power lines, Chewings Street, Page
Corner of Burkitt Street and Ogilby Crescent Page
McGuinness Street, Scullin