Walking around Florey – 6/1/2017

Every other day this week, my walks have featured Lake Ginninderra.  This morning I decided to head in the other direction: through Scullin, along Kingsford-Smith Drive to Ginninderra Drive and then back home through Florey.  It was  a warm, humid morning, not conducive to great speed but very conducive to admiring the landscape.

The first photograph is of trees on the western border of Florey.  Literally steps away from Kingsford-Smith Drive, worlds away from commuter traffic.  Except for the traffic noise.

The second photograph is of walking along the bike path through Florey, heading east towards the Belconnen town centre.  This particular part of the bike path has homes adjacent, and some of those homes have plantings which really add to the ‘secret tunnel’ effect of part of this walk.  And, as a bonus, the shade makes this part of the walk much cooler.

There are plenty of enjoyable walks in Canberra.  The urban lakes are beautiful, but so are aspects of the suburbs.




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