My AWW Reads for 2016

These are the books I’ve linked to the AWW site and written reviews for in 2016.

ADELAIDE, Debra.    The Household Guide To Dying

ADELAIDE, Debra.    Serpent Dust

ALEXANDER, Alison.    A Wealth of Women

ALEXANDER, Alison.    Corruption and Skullduggery

ASHLEY, Melissa.    The Birdman’s Wife

BARKER, Kathryn.    In the Skin of a Monster

BAXTER, Carol.    Black Widow: The true story of Australia’s first female serial killer

BELL, Gail.    The Poison Principle

BENNETT DAYLIGHT, Tegan.    Six bedrooms

BIRD, Carmel.    My Hearts Are Your Hearts

BIRD, Carmel.    Fair Game: A Tasmanian memoir

BIRD, Carmel.    The Essential Bird

BISHOP, Stephanie.    The other side of the world

CLARK, Anna.    Private Lives, Public History

CLIFFORD, Aoife.    All These Perfect Strangers

CROGGON, Alison.    Black Spring

DRUM, Patricia  ; FERGUSON, Sarah.    The Killing Season – Uncut

DURACK, Mary.    To Be Heirs Forever

ERRINGTON, Susan.    Ice Letters

FAULKNER, Annah.    The Beloved

FAULKNER, Annah.    Last Day in the Dynamite Factory

FRANKLIN, Miles.    My Brilliant Career

FREEMAN, Annette.    The Bright Side of Life

FREW, Peggy.    Hope Farm

GARNER, Helen.    Everywhere I Look

HAM, Rosalie.    The Dressmaker

HARMS, John  ; PAYNE, Michelle.    Life as I know it

HARVEY, Tamsin.    Constantinople Quilts

HASTRICH, Vicki.    Swimming with the Jellyfish

HAYES, Antonia.    Relativity

HEARN, Lian.    Emperor of the Eight Islands (Books 1 and 2)

HEARN, Lian.    Lord of the Darkwood (Books 3 and 4)

HEGARTY, Ruth.    Is That You Ruthie?

HEGGEN, Meg.    Geoffrey Hannah: Never a Less Likely Bloke: From Relinquished Child to Renaissance Man

HODGSON, Elizabeth.    Skin Painting

JEFFREY, Betty.    White Coolies

JENNINGS, Kate.    Moral Hazard

JUCHAU, Mireille.    The World Without Us

KANAKE, Sarah.    Sing Fox to Me

KAVANAGH, Joan  ; SNOWDEN, Dianne.    Van Diemen’s Women: A History of Transportation to Tasmania

LARBALESTIER, Justine.    Razorhurst

LARBALESTIER, Justine.    My Sister Rosa

LEE, Catherine.    Dark City

LEE, Catherine.    Dark Heart

LEE, Catherine.    Dark Past

LEE, Catherine.    Dark Secrets

LIMPRECHT, Eleanor.    Long Bay

LIVETT, Jennifer.    Wild Island

MAHER, Christine.    Richard Brooks: From Convict Ship Captain to Pillar of Early Colonial Australia

MARRKILYI ELLIS, Lizzie.    Pictures from my memory

MOON, Josephine.    The Chocolate Promise

MORTON, James  ; LOBEZ, Susanna.    Gangland Robbers

NUGENT, Maria.    Botany Bay Where Histories Meet

NUNN, Judy.    Tiger Men

ORTLEPP, Amanda.    Running Against the Tide

OVERINGTON, Caroline.    I Came To Say Goodbye

OVERINGTON, Caroline.    The One Who Got Away

OWEN, L.J.M.    Olmec Obituary

OWEN, L.J.M.    Mayan Mendacity

PACAT, C S.    Captive Prince

POLACK, Gillian.    The Wizardry of Jewish Women

POLACK, Gillian.    History and Fiction (Writers, their Research, Worlds and Stories)

REDHEAD, Leigh.    Cherry Pie

REDHEAD, Leigh.    Peepshow

REDHEAD, Leigh.    Rubdown

ROBINSON, Alice.    Anchor Point

ROMER, Anna.    Thornwood House

ROMER, Anna.    Beyond the Orchard

RUSSET-SILK, Sandra.    Crying in Silence: The Tragic Story of Steven Tsakalos

SAVVA, Niki.    The Road to Ruin

SHARP, Margaret Lynette.    Love Denied

STEAD, Christina.    The Salzburg Tales

STEDMAN, M.L.   The Light Between Oceans

TURNER, Ann.    Out Of The Ice

VIGGERS, Karen.    The Grass Castle

WELLS, Christine.    The Wife’s Tale

WILES, Jo.    Take my hand


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