Dark City by Catherine Lee

Crime fiction set in Sydney, introducing one of my newest heroes, Detective Sergeant Charlie Cooper.   This book is a prequel and, yes, I’ve already read (and will soon review) the three books so far published in this series.

Dark City by Catherine Lee

‘Detective Sergeant Charlie Cooper couldn’t win.’

Charlie Cooper and his family are all packed ready to leave for a weekend away, his first weekend off in a month, when his ‘phone rings.  It’s his partner, Detective Sergeant Russell Stockton.  There’s a woman missing.

And even though he’s not on call, and even though his wife Liz is seriously annoyed, Cooper has to respond.  He and Stockton have been chasing a killer, known as the Adultery Killer, for almost the entire ten years they’ve been partners.  The Adultery Killer is due to kill again, and every report of a missing woman is referred to them.  When the missing woman is found dead, there are a number of lines of enquiry.  The woman fits at least part of the Adultery Killer’s murder profile, but not all. Who killed her, and why?

‘Everyone has a life to lead, everyone has a job to do.’

This fast-paced murder mystery is set in Sydney, Australia and is the prequel to Ms Lee’s Dark series which features Detectives Cooper and Quinn.  Cooper and Stockton’s backstories unfold as the investigation into the murder proceeds.  Cooper has family issues to manage, while Stockton has some challenges of his own.

As soon as I finished this novella prequel, I purchased the first three books in the series (a fourth will be available next year).  Meet Detective Charlie Cooper: one of my newest heroes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith



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